12 décembre 2007

Letter from Camille in 2002


My name is Camille.
I am 14 and I live in La Bruffière, Vendée, France. I was born with a genetic disease: Crouzon syndrome.
This disease has to be operated on in three stages.
My last operation was scheduled for June, but, during an exam, the medical team discovered the fact that I have another genetic disease as well: Chiari syndrome
Since November, 2002, I have not been able to attend school regularly. I am home educated when my health allows it.
This second genetic disease changes a lot of things since I will have to have an emergency operation very soon, on the 28th of April in Lille (more than 400 miles from my home).
To be able to come with me and help me in Lille my mother must stop working
I will stay in hospital for 8 to10 weeks .
All expenses linked to my operation are not covered by our Social security and insurances.

For instance : The expense for my mother to stay in Lille while I'm in hospital.
Thanks to all!!!

Thanks to Christopher for his help.with the English version

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